HVAC UV Light Installation

Germs are blinded by the light emitted by UV lamps.

UV lights are used in HVAC systems to kill the DNA of germs, viruses, mold spores, bacteria, and fungi as they pass through the air handler system.


A strategically placed UV light is very effective at killing nearly all of these harmful pollutants. Installing a UV HVAC system in your condensing unit — the air handler — is a low-cost way to clean all of the air that circulates through the system.

How HVAC UV Lights Function

HVAC UV lights are designed to use a specific wavelength of light — 254 nanometers — that is absorbed by microorganism DNA. The organisms are unable to produce the proteins required for survival after being exposed to UV light. Although UV lights do not kill the germs immediately, it significantly reduces their ability to cause harm and shortens their life span.

Germicidal UV Lights – 5 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Cost and More)

Yes, and this has been proven scientifically. HVAC unit contamination is a common problem that should not be overlooked. According to the National Institute of Health, this contamination frequently contributes to building-related diseases such as viral or bacterial infections, allergic rhinitis, asthma, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. However, only certain UV lights can be used to purify the air. The Ultraviolet Germicidal Light (UVGi) can aid in the elimination of a wide range of bacteria and viruses to a furnace and water heater. The UVGi light operates in the UV-C wavelength spectrum, which is the most effective wavelength spectrum for germicidal efficiency.

Yes, if they are properly installed and use the proper UV light spectrum. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the conditions are correct and that the installation is done correctly by a qualified HVAC technician. When installing a UVGi system, a professional with experience must keep a number of conditions in mind2. The placement and direction of the appropriate number of UVGi lights, as well as the temperature and humidity levels within the home, want to have an impact on effectiveness.

Absolutely. To trap larger particulates, the CDC recommends using a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)-level air filter3. This step is significant because particulates can protect microorganisms from UV light bombardment. The CDC recommends Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) as an additional air-cleaning service measure because it cannot replace HEPA filtration.

There are two types of UV light installations for HVAC: coil sterilization and air sterilization. Air sterilization is also known as an In-Duct UVC system, and the UV-C light disinfects the air as it circulates through the return ducts. The UV-C light is maximized in all directions by improving the reflective surface within that section of the duct work, making it more efficient. UV-C lamps are used in coil sterilization to target sensitive and problem-prone components such as cooling coils, condensation pans, and filters. This enables microbial growth to be targeted in difficult-to-reach areas such as grooves, fins, seams, and edges.

Electrical consumption and bulb replacement will be two additional costs for your UV-C system after installation. You can easily approximate energy consumption by using an Amps-to-Watts calculator, followed by a Watts-to-Electricity Cost Calculator. Amps/Watts are typically listed on the UV-C bulb itself as well as in the operator’s manual that comes with the installation.

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    What are germicidal UV lights and how do they work?

    Germicidal UV lamps sterilize microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, and so on) to keep them from growing in your HVAC system.

    Microorganisms prefer dark, moist environments. As a result, microorganisms thrive in your HVAC system, particularly around the condensate drain pan and cool evaporator coil.

    The UV light will emit UV-C rays that will either kill or disable microorganisms, rendering them unable to reproduce.

    HVAC UV light types

    There are two kinds of germicidal UV lamps: return duct air purifiers and coil mounted sterilizers. Both products perform the same function, which is to sterilize microbial activity in your HVAC system, but they serve different purposes:

    Germicidal UV air purifiers: These UV lamps installed from inside tthe return air duct to sterilize contaminants before they enter your HVAC system. We recommend combining a UV air purifier with a media filter for the best air filtration. (UV lights sterilize microorganisms but do not remove them from the air in your home.)

    Coil mounted UV sterilizers: These units, which are installed near your evaporator coil in the supply duct, bathe the cooling coil in UV light to prevent microbial growth and sterilize contaminants after they pass through your HVAC system.

    Signs that you require a germicidal UV light

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