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In the acronym HVAC, the ventilation system is represented by the letter “V.” When it comes to home comfort, however, individuals prefer to place a greater emphasis on the letters “H” (heating) and “AC” (air conditioning). This is a mistake, because a faulty ventilation energy system, such as one with leaking ducts, will have a significant impact on overall efficiency and efficacy in the energy insulation of your home.

Air leaks are a common problem, but one that the ventilation experts at American Air Duct Cleaning can quickly and effectively resolve. If you believe the integrity of your ducting has been compromised, contact our experts to schedule duct sealing treatments. We’ve been a leading HVAC contractor in Houston for over 40 years, so you can trust us to get the work done well.

Duct sealing is available from American Air Duct Cleaning in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. When it comes to energy quality, give us a call!

LEAKY DUCT and AIR PROBLEM? – Energy and Heating Solutions

When you consider the size of your home’s ductwork, a few little leaks may not seem like a big deal. However, even the tiniest leaks can cause havoc with an HVAC system. To prevent and save on air pressure loss, the ducts are constructed to maintain an airtight seal along their entire length. When a tiny leak occurs, air pressure drops, and the heating/air conditioning system is forced to work harder to compensate. These leaks can allow up to 30% of the air inside the ventilation system to escape, resulting in a large waste that will show up on your electricity bills. Moisture, dust, and debris can get into the ducts through these gaps, lowering the quality of the air inside.


Duct testing is the most effective approach to discover whether your ventilation system has faulty air ducts. This procedure isolates the ductwork and changes the pressure within it. To determine how much leakage there is, the specialists measure how quickly the pressure declines.

But how can you know when duct testing is necessary in the first place? A surge in your heating and cooling expenditures as a result of escaping air from the ducts is one of the most telling signs. Odd, musty odors may also emanate from the vents, indicating that the ducts are sucking in outside air through perforations. A decrease in air flow from the vents could suggest that there are air leaks anywhere in the system.

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    Perhaps you thought to yourself as you read this, “I need to get that roll of duct tape out of the drawer and utilize it. Isn’t that what it’s really for?” The truth is that duct tape is misnamed: it can be used for a variety of purposes, but not for sealing ducts. The task of sealing gaps and holes in ducts should be left to the professionals. They’ll utilize advanced technology to locate air leaks, then seal them using materials like mastic sealant and metallic adhesives.

    Call American Air Duct Cleaning and schedule duct testing in Houston to get started on recovering your air ducts. Following the testing, we’ll provide sealing treatments to restore your home’s ventilation system to its former glory.

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