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Most people assume that cleaning the lint trap after every laundry load (which is definitely a good idea) is enough to keep all lint and debris out of their dryer vent system. Unfortunately, this is not true. Lint is small enough to make it through even the fine mesh of the lint trap, and over time, enough lint can build up to the point where begins causing problems with your dryer.

Most people don’t realize that it’s necessary to keep a clean dryer vent. However, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an estimated annual of 15,500 fires every year. Clogged dryer vents represent a danger to your home and family. In most cases, clogged vents that are not adequately maintained cause many fires. One of the indicators of clogged dryer vents are if your clothes are still damp after a full dry cycle. Cleaning your dryer vent helps reduce your energy bills and improves the longevity of your dryer.


Dryer Fires Are Preventable w/ Vent Cleaning

Fires can occur when lint builds up in the dryer or in the exhaust duct. Lint can block the flow of air; cause excessive build-up and can result in a fire in dryers and where they are located. The combination of reduced airflow from lint accumulation creates the perfect environment for fires to start. Lint is highly combustible and is the main culprit in dryer fires. Clogged dryer vents and combustible lint is a dangerous fire hazard that needs immediate attention.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Our current special is $79 for a dryer vent cleaning 6ft or shorter.

Many dryers have only a short amount of ductwork to vent to the exterior. However, others will vent through the roof or extend for dozens of feet before they reach the outside. HVAC professionals will be able to save you time and do a better job of cleaning these longer vents.

Attempting to clean a vent on your own can sometimes make the blockages even worse if your brush isn’t long enough to clear the entire length of the hose or duct. Instead, you’ll push the lint into a concentrated area in the middle of the vent.  Getting the visual?

Brush kits are sometimes not good enough for the job. They may even end up puncturing a dryer hose if you are not careful. Brushes can also get caught on the ridges of flexible ducts, at which point you’ll have to call in a professional to get this new obstacle out of the vent.

HVAC professionals have tools which are better suited for cleaning vents than a simple brush. One option is a compressed air system which snakes through the ductwork to push or pull lint blockages toward the exterior vent where they can be expelled. A professional can also run diagnostics on the vent to look for leaks or any other problems.

You can easily schedule another checkup with our HVAC specialist who visits to clean out the dryer vent. For example, they may be able to inspect your furnace on the same visit.  Do yourself a favor and get a quote for your vent today and get vent cleaning done.

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    Dryer vent cleaning does not need to be a hassle, or take up too much of your time. Our expert technicians show up with tools specifically made for the purpose of cleaning out dryer vents, and they can work quickly and efficiently to eliminate buildup along your air line.

    Reduce Dryer Lint Buildup

    Replace flexible dryer vent hoses with metal ductwork.
    Avoid overloading your drying machine
    Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for using your dryer
    Clean the lint trap before and after every load of laundry.
    Wash and clean lint traps every few weeks, particularly if you use fabric softener.
    Clean the dryer vent hose regularly.
    Never store flammable items near your dryer
    Make sure the outdoor dryer vent flap is clear and not blocked.
    Only run the dryer when you are at home (sorry busy parents)
    Use a dryer vent hose that is at least 4 inches in diameter
    Install a screen on the outside dryer vent to prevent birds or animals from nesting.

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