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Air duct coating, lining, insulation and sealing are names that refer to air duct repair work. Our trained duct technicians will perform a video inspection for the entire duct system to determine the damage. With this information, we’ll then plan the right approach to fix your problem duct or ducts. Our knowledge and experience give us the ability to devise efficient, cost-effective solutions.

When it comes to duct repair we provide patching of your duct work to restrapping (Suspending) to reconnecting to complete installation. Our professional duct technicians will restore and fix your ducts using an environmentally friendly system and heavy-duty equipment. You won’t have to leave your house anytime during the install and repair work. Give American Air Ducts a call today at 866-373-3828 to learn more about our air duct sealing in Houston for your home or commercial property.

Why Sealed Hvac System Ducts Are Important

Air ducts carry hot and cold air around your home’s hvac system. Some ducts help usher cold or hot air to different parts of your house, while other ducts return the air back to the original source. Having efficient and working ducts helps your air conditioning unit or furnace run easier and allows for smoother, healthier air flow system. This can also result in lower energy bills. Air duct sealing enables your system to function at its maximum potential, so you can save on costly repair bills and reduce your monthly energy costs. Sound like you need duct repairs?  Call American Air Ducts for ductwork repair service for your heating and air conditioning system.

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    Signs That Your HVAC Ducts May Be Damaged & You Need Duct Repair / Services in Houston

    If you believe that your air ducts and system are damaged and in need of repair, call our duct professionals today for services. We can inspect your entire HVAC system in order to determine all the problems that are present. Here are some common signs that there may be issues with your duct work system:

    • Non-uniform levels of comfort in your home
    • Certain rooms are difficult to keep comfortable
    • Energy bills rising in the summer and winter
    • AC and Heater constantly running

    By hiring our duct and heating professionals to conduct repairs on your ductwork & system, you are making a great decision for your property. Through our efforts, we will be able to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and to enhance the comfort that you enjoy throughout your home whether for heating . You and your family are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with the sewrvices.

    Don’t Wait to Repair Your Ducts

    When your air ducts are not working properly, you cannot afford to go for too long and not repair them or you may be forced to get a new one. Temporary heating and cooling solutions are often highly inefficient, and the annual cost adds up, better to get them repaired. Call a duct professional if you’ve been living with dilapidated ductwork, so you can restore central heat and air to your home ASAP! You deserve to have clean, comfortable air moving throughout your room, and to work with a company that will do the repair right.

    Call Professional Home Heating & Cooling Duct Specialists

    Ductwork repair and replacement are not jobs to leave to amateurs. Most tools available to the average person at a hardware store aren’t right for the job and systems. And sometimes, improper duct repair or replacement causes further damage! Instead, work with a team that’s been doing this for over a decade.

    The experienced professionals at American Air Ducts are here for all of your comfort needs. Call us if you suspect that you need repair services for ducts, and we will carefully inspect your system and let you know of all of the repair options available for your home near me. Call today concerning your ductwork!

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