What Is The Chimney Flue Cleaning Cost

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The average cost of chimney cleaning and repair is $125, with prices often ranging between $100 and $180. The project’s cost will determine by various criteria, including your location, the type of fireplace you have, the presence of debris in your flue, and any other services required by the chimney cleaner.

Costs of Fireplace and Chimney Cleaning: $125 On a National Average

  • The average price is between $100 and $180.
  • The entry-level model costs $99
  • The most expensive model is $500.

Hourly Rates For Chimney Cleaning

However, some fireplace and chimney sweep charge an hourly rate, while most set a flat rate. 

  • The typical hourly rate for a chimney repair and cleaning specialist is between $62 and $114. Chimney sweeping can cost between $41 and $179 per hour.
  • Cost range: $62-114/hour National average hourly rate $65
  • Hourly rate at the top: $179/hour

Chimney Cleaning Cost Determinants

Several variables determine the cost of cleaning your chimney. In some instances, the type of fireplace and the chimney’s height (or position) may affect pricing. A chimney sweep may be more costly if access to the chimney cap or other components for creosote removal is difficult. If a chimney fire occurs, the cost may increase, as there will undoubtedly be more soot to remove.

The chimney inspection may also affect the cost of a chimney sweep. A comprehensive video check may be necessary to determine particular issues with the flue or other locations that require cleaning.

Why Is It Necessary to Clean and Check Your Chimney?

Hiring a chimney sweep can assist safeguard your and your family’s safety. When wood burns in a fireplace, compounds are released into the chimney, adhere to the inner walls, and form a creosote material. According to the Chimney Fire Institute of America, creosote is flammable and may cause a chimney fire (CSIA).

Blockages can cause by a dirty chimney that has an excessive amount of soot. As a result, hazardous gases may reintroduce themselves into your home. Additionally, a dirty fireplace can force soot into your home, causing damage to draperies, couches, and clothing. Further, according to the National Cancer Institute, inhaling soot can be harmful to your health because it may include several carcinogens.

How Frequently Should Your Chimney be Swept and Inspected?

While individual circumstances differ, you should have your chimney inspected and swept at least once a year. The first step in cleaning your vent is having it inspected by a professional who will check its structural integrity, liner, smoke chamber, flue, and firebox, among other things. During this assessment, they may detect excessive soot and creosote, animal nests and debris in the chimney, and other potentially critical issues.

Many homeowners choose to thoroughly clean their chimneys before selling or showing their houses to prospective buyers. It may help mitigate the foul odours caused by creosote deposits, detracting from an otherwise lovely house viewing.

How to Retain the Services of a Chimney Cleaning at Reasonable Cost?

It’s critical to employ the right chimney sweep at a reasonable price. Consider the following when looking for cleaning services in your area: You can contact chimney sweeping near me.

Inquire with the professionals. However, a competent chimney sweep should be prepared to answer legitimate inquiries about the scope of work, the associated expenses, and the associated benefits of chimney cleaning. The following are some questions to ask a professional you’re considering hiring:

How Much Will It Cost, And How Are Your Rates Determined?

Are you capable of carrying out a Level 1 inspection, a Level 2 examination, or a Level 3 inspection? You should also know what the chimney flue cleaning cost is?

Are you willing to provide free estimates? Is the cost of the examination and chimney sweep included in the price?

How Long Have You Been in Business?

However, there is a difference in the amount of cleaning. Does it depend on the type of fuel burned in the firebox, for example, with a gas fireplace or fireplace insert?

Is There a Deadline For Completing The Job?

Do you also offer chimney repair services?

Request no-obligation estimates

Cost estimates are available to assist you in securing a great price on sweeping chimney services. Bear in mind that an additional chimney inspection fee may apply, or the pro may combine the inspection and sweep.

You should enlist at least three or more chimney sweepers to obtain realistic price quotations. Additionally, inform the professionals of the following details:

  • It is the distance between the roof and the chimney crown.
  • The height of your roof above the ground The pitch of your roof at the location of the chimney
  • The material used to construct your chimney

Have You Recently Had Your Chimney Cleaned And Inspected?

A chimney should investigate any strange odours, fires, visible signs of a damaged flue liner, or potential carbon monoxide infiltration.

However, keep in mind that the pro with the lowest price is not always the best fit for the job.

Verify Credentials

Inquire about the professionals’ certifications and credentials. For instance, inquire as to if they are certified by the (CSIA). A chimney sweep who holds a CSIA certification has passed a test and had their certification updated regularly.

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