Some Ideas on Pros And Cons Of The 4 Types Of Ductwork For Your Home – You Need To Know


Your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system likely uses a network of air ducts to transport and exhaust air. The ductwork is an underappreciated component of the device because it affects the comfort level of your home as well as the protection and performance of your heating and cooling equipment.

Required services to install a duct for your Ac system and can not find out which one to decide? Or trying to find professional assistance for cleaning your duct, but can’t find out what kind of duct you have got in your house? Or Don’t stress we have got your back. We will assist you through various duct types and how we assist you with services to clean all of them.

Rigid Ductwork comes in a range of shapes, sizes and Materials. A rigid duct can be customized according to customer needs. They are hard, reputable, safe and enduring. The different kinds of air ducts (Stiff) are as follows:.

The Definitive Guide for Types Of Ductwork – And Fiberglass Services –

Generally, Galvanized steel and aluminum are types of ducts that are utilized in the making of this type of ductwork, however aluminum is preferred since of its light-weight and ease in installing. The very best part of installation of sheet metal duct is that you do not need to worry about dangerous mold. and other developments as both the materials are non-porous in nature and therefore restrict the growth of mold in air ducts.

Rigid ducts type can likewise be lined with Fiberglass. This duct is extremely similar to sheet metal ducts however they have internal or external fiberglass lining. These ducts are preferred in commercial buildings and offices as fiberglass Lined duct have the ability to moisten the sound of the air conditioner. However fiberglass lined duct is not advised as these ducts can degrade and, Can release small particles of fiberglass into the air. Long term exposure to these fiberglass particles can position serious health issues like asthma and so on. Additionally, fiberglass is porous in nature and therefore allow mold and germs to grow.

Flexible Ductwork

Because of its low cost and flexibility, flexible duct is widely used. This duct is made up of a wire helix encased in a polyester film, which is then wrapped in insulation and covered with a metalized polyester jacket. Metal register boxes, t-wyes, and reducers are connected to the ducts that run through the attic. The length and number of bends can affect the efficiency of this type of ductwork, and sealed connections are essential for proper airflow.

Rigid Ductwork

  • Sheet metal ducts are commonly made of galvanized steel or aluminum and are available in a range of thicknesses depending on the application. They’re extremely long-lasting and immune to mold and biological growth.
  • Fiberglass ducts are sealed to avoid heat loss and condensation. This is typical in areas where the supply air is very cold or there is a lot of humidity. The lining can also reduce noise in the device.
  • Fiberboard ducts are the most cost-effective to install. They have a foil outer surface that creates an air barrier and keeps water vapor out. The fiberglass particles are on the inside and the interior is sealed. Fiberglass ducts are also quiet and have thermal benefits.

Sealed Duct System Benefits

Duct sealing is a simple and cost-effective way to ensure that the ductwork and whole system are in good working order. It wasn’t until the late 2000s that universal duct sealing standards were adopted. Prior to that, ductwork was often constructed with leaks and weak connections in mind. Since then, the standards have increased the efficiency of ductwork in homes, and people are more aware of the value of properly sealing ducts.

The 9-Second Trick For The Different Types Of Air Ducts For Air Conditioner

Fiberboard is compressed and resin-bonded fiberglass which is then laminated with a foil sheet. This lamination safeguards them for wetness. A fiberboard duct is mostly preferred for heating and cooling systems because it is insulated. However just like the Fiberglass lined duct, these air ducts are not recommended for ventilation as they too can end up being a home to mold and germs.

Though there are various kinds of ductwork available in the market today, Sheet metal is most recommended as this kind of air duct is non-porous in nature and therefore does not enable mold or germs reproduce in the air ducts. Sheet metal ductwork also helps you prevent potential health dangers of fiberglass duct. If you have got less space in your location you can certainly select a flexible air duct. This type of duct will not only conserve you some space however also gives you the flexibility to move duct to and fro.

The Best Strategy To Use For Types Of Ductwork – And Services

Because ducts are fragile in nature, they ought to constantly be cleaned by expert services. Here is what we can do for you. Our Professionals at American Air Duct Services are just the best choice for duct’s cleaning as we have the experience, knowledge and right equipment for cleaning your air duct at utmost excellence.

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