Air duct cleaning is crucial in both offices and homes, but it is especially important in restaurants.



The crew at American Air Ducts Houston discusses the importance of commercial HVAC duct cleaning in today’s blog.


Contamination of Food

Mold, pollen, and dust are common inhabitants of filthy duct systems. People who breathe in dusty air particles may experience negative effects such as itchy eyes and irritated lungs. Also, if the restaurant’s ductwork isn’t cleaned, pathogens like E. Coli and salmonella can move from the food to the ducts and back. In addition to mold and food rotting, these bacteria can cause major health concerns.


Improved Air Quality

It’s critical that a restaurant not only looks clean but also smells clean. Poor air quality caused by clogged ducts can cause congestion, allergies, and unpleasant odors. You don’t want cooks or chefs sneezing or wiping their noses in the vicinity of ready-to-eat food. If your kitchen has a persistent, pungent odor, it may be time to schedule a professional air duct cleaning.


Your Employees’ Health

Poor air quality can have an impact on both customers and employees. When a regular employee is absent due to illness, it can be inconvenient for another employee to cover for him or her. Having clean air ducts offers a fresh, welcoming environment for people to gather and improves your employees’ overall health.


Costs Not Included

A dirty air duct system can be costly in terms of repairs and required maintenance. As the amount of dirt in your system grows, you’ll have to spend more money to keep it functioning. Clogged vents and ducts can also make it more difficult for air to reach all of your rooms, wasting energy and potentially increasing cleaning, labor, and repair costs.


A hectic schedule

Restaurant managers are in charge of a wide range of operations and workers, from daily kitchen prep to cooking to keeping the service area clean. It’s unlikely that restaurant management has the time or resources to clean the ducts themselves. If you own a restaurant, we recommend having your air ducts cleaned professionally once a year to once a quarter. Allow American Air Ducts Houston to take care of your air ducts, reducing your workload.


Cleaning Your Business’s Air Ducts

Our fleet of strong vacuum trucks at American Air Ducts Houston is ready to tackle your commercial air ducts. Our experts will inspect your exhaust and ventilation systems to ensure that they are clean and efficient. To arrange an appointment for an inspection and free quote, contact us in Houston or the surrounding areas now.


Services for the Hospitality Industry’s Duct Cleaning

Whether guests are on vacation or on business, the hospitality industry is all about making their stay as enjoyable as possible. Hotels and resorts must provide the highest level of cleanliness and comfort while also ensuring the safety of their visitors. We have discussed why it’s critical to keep restaurant air ducts clean on the blog. Today, we’ll discuss how hotels and resorts might benefit from a commercial air duct cleaning.


Maintain a comfortable and clean environment

Have you ever been on vacation and stayed in a filthy hotel room? If this is the case, you most likely did not return. Everything must be presentable, tidy, and comfy, from the main foyer to the private suites. Clean amenities, such as a small refrigerator and microwave, are desirable, but you should also provide nice pillows, enough soap, adequate lighting, and a pleasant room temperature. Your guests must like the sights and fragrances, and thorough air duct cleaning will aid in maintaining cleanliness throughout the hotel. A tidy hotel will also openly attract more guests, which is important because any client can leave an internet review with a single click of a button.


Boost the safety of your visitors

Keeping guests satisfied during their stay requires a focus on safety and sanitation. Your hotel guests spend a lot of time indoors, and they share space and air. As a result, it’s critical to provide a secure environment and make sure they’re inhaling clean, fresh air. You can eliminate fire threats and protect your clients from allergies and respiratory problems by having your air systems cleaned on a regular basis.


Keep your employees safe.

It’s critical in the hospitality sector that your personnel is polite, kind, and welcome to all visitors. Mold could spread if you don’t clean your air ducts, and dust buildup could lead to clogged ducts. If your air ducts are mouldy, bacteria will be blasted throughout the hotel, causing health issues. You don’t want your employees coughing and sneezing or getting sick, leaving you short-staffed during busy shifts. Cleaning your commercial air ducts helps keep your employees healthy and breathing clean air while they work.



You can benefit from commercial air duct cleaning whether you operate in a hotel, resort, or workplace. At American Air Ducts Houston, we aim to assist you in running your business in a clean and effective manner. To book an appointment for an inspection and price, contact us in Houston or the surrounding areas, and one of our professionals will come out to your business.





In most homes, ductwork lasts between 10 and 15 years. Ducts that are more than 15 years old should be replaced to avoid vermin, gaps, and draughts, ensuring that your home is constantly at a pleasant temperature. While residential ductwork can deteriorate over time, frequent air duct cleaning from the professionals at American Air Ducts Houston can help to extend its life.




How Does Ductwork Degrade?

The heat in the winter causes the ductwork to expand, while the cool air in the summer forces it to compress. This movement has the potential to rip your ductwork apart, resulting in leaks. In addition, condensation that occurs during summer AC use can corrode non-insulated metal systems. When compared to today’s energy-efficient HVAC technology, the quality of an outdated HVAC system may no longer be accepted after many years. It’s critical for homeowners to inspect their ductwork on a regular basis to spot any growing leaks.




Contact American Air Ducts Houston for more information on restaurant air ducts cleaning.


American Air Ducts Houston is your option if you live in the Houston region and haven’t had your ducts cleaned in a while. We do the most complete air duct cleaning in the area, using a powerful vacuum and visible confirmation of a job well done. Request a free quote or call us at 866-373-3828 for additional information.

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