The Average Cost of Dryer Vent Cleaning

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When no further issues, such as a bird nest, are discovered, a local business’s typical cost of dryer vent cleaning is $179. The average price of a do-it-yourself dryer vent cleaning package is $27.

Generally, the fee covers relocating the dryer, cleaning both the interior and exterior surfaces where the dryer vent duct exits your property, as well as a complete cleaning of the concealed vent duct itself.

The average Do It Yourself project costs $30. (Cleaning Kit)

Average Cost of a Contractor $179

Typical basis range from $140 and $225.

Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning Overview and Importance

Lint accumulation inside your dryer vent is unavoidable. 

Several significant issues frequently occur:

It is the most obvious sign that your dryer ducting requires cleaning. When the passage for damp air to exit the dryer is partially or wholly obstructed, clothes take longer to dry. Longer drying cycles can raise your energy expenditures and cause the overworked dryer to break mechanically.

  • Mold grows in moist lint accumulated on the inside of the vent duct.
  • Carbon monoxide can escape from a gas dryer when a vent is obstructed.
  • A dryer fire is started when trapped lint becomes sufficiently heated to combust. Dryer fires are more prevalent than you would believe.

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) reports that “2,900 residential clothes dryer fires are reported each year, resulting in an estimated five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss.”Several more credible sources estimate the annual number of dryer fires to be closer to 15,000.

According to the USFA, you should clean the filter after each load and the dryer vent duct once a year. If you have a coiled wire (accordion style) duct, you should replace it with a solid, non-ribbed metal duct that is easier to clean and lacks nooks where lint might collect.

This section of Costimates examines costs, cost considerations, and whether do-it-yourself is viable. We’ve also gathered prices from various estimate websites. Please feel free to add the cost of your clothes dryer vent cleaning to the list below if you are a professional or a homeowner who recently had the job performed.

Receive Dryer Vent Cleaning Estimates from Professionals in Your Area

Cleaning of Dryer Ducts Cost Specifications

Cost Considerations

A few fundamental elements determine the cost of cleaning your clothes dryer vent.

Vent Location: One firm charges a flat cost for basement and first-floor vents, an additional $25 for second-floor vents, and an additional $35 for roof vents. That is a typical location-based pricing schedule. If the vent is located beneath a deck and is being cleaned from the outside, the cleaning cost will be higher.

Vent Length: Longer vent ducts require more Time and effort to clean, which increases the cost.

Coil-type or sheet metal ducts from all crevices of wire coil ducts wrapped in foil or plastic. Additionally, they are more brittle, necessitating particular caution. Costs are increased as a result of these factors.

90-Degree Turns: The majority of vents have a single turn. When there are additional twists, the work takes longer, increasing the estimated cost.

Bird’s Nest, Rodents, or Insects – Dryer vent cleaners encounter a variety of infestations in the ductwork. These increase the price by up to 100% or more.

Where You Live – The cost of clothes dryer vent cleaning varies according to your location. Alaska, Hawaii, and Houston have a greater rate. It is lowest in rural areas and small towns throughout the Midwest and South. You can also contact Houston dryer vent cleaners.

Who Performs the Work — Do-it-yourself projects cost no more than the cost of the tool. Most services are less expensive for professionals than specialized duct cleaning businesses.

Cost of Do-it-yourself Kits

There are several different sorts of do-it-yourself dryer vent cleaning tools. Here is a summary of the services and their associated costs. You should also know what is the cost average to maintain a clean dryer vent duct.

Between $15 and $20 | The most affordable dryer vent cleaning kits are designed for vents up to 12 feet in length. They may have a single braided wire handle or a flexible handle comprised of many pieces. While the majority are manual, some can be attached to a drill. We recommend using a drill to clean solid vent ducts alone. Specific kits contain a brush for cleaning the lint filter aperture and a vacuum attachment for cleaning the filter entrance.

$28 – $55 | The designs are identical, but the handles range in length from 16 to 24 feet. Typically, a second brush head and additional accessories are offered.

Keep in mind that it’s also a good idea to use a high-quality indoor/outdoor vacuum when cleaning dryer ducts. There can be a significant amount of lint, and having a powerful vacuum to keep the mess to a minimum would assist significantly.

Receive Dryer Vent Cleaning Estimates from Professionals in Your Area

Costs of Permits, Inspections, and Labor

$0 | There is no permit required for cleaning dryer vent ducts.

Cleaning Time This is work that one person can accomplish, though a helper is occasionally needed.

Vent on the ground floor. 45-60 minutes | Up to 12 feet of duct. Simple access. No impediments.

60-90 minutes | longer Ducts, either on an upper floor or with a blockage.

2-3 Hours | Ducts that are longer and are located on an upper floor with an impediment in the duct.

Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Professional

It is a simple home repair task that most skilled homeowners can do effectively. Before you begin, we recommend watching a tutorial video or two. Additionally, read and carefully follow the guidelines supplied with the cleaning package.

Professional Advice: Secure the joints where the handle pieces fit together, and the brush head attaches with duct or electrical tape. It eliminates the possibility of the handle disintegrating or the brush head slipping deep within the dryer vent duct (a hassle many homeowners reports happened to them).

Second: the longer the handle, the more difficult it is to control the brush and the more probable it will fall disconnected. Therefore, if both ends of the dryer vent duct are accessible, use a shorter handle to clean both ends of the chimney.

Thirdly: cleaning from the outside results in less mess being created inside. Alternatively, you can keep your shop vac running and insert a few feet into the duct while brushing away the lint and debris. Specific kits include a cover over the duct opening with holes for the brush handle and vacuum.

At times, though, hiring a duct cleaning firm is the best option, such as when a vent is wholly clogged or has a bird/bee/rodent infestation.

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