Mission San Gabriel Arcángel Mission (Spanish: Misión de San Gabriel Arcángel) is a Californian mission and historic site in San Gabriel, California. On “The Feast of the Birth of Mary,” September 8, 1771, Spaniards of the Franciscan order established the fourth of what would become twenty-one Spanish missions in California. San Gabriel Arcángel was named after the Archangel Gabriel and is known as the “Godmother of Los Angeles.”  The mission was built and operated with slave labor from nearby Tongva villages such as Yoga. When the nearby Pueblo de Los Angeles was built in 1781, the mission competed for control of Indigenous labor with the emerging pueblo.

Antonio Cruzado designed the mission with capped buttresses and tall narrow windows that are unique among the California chain of missions. A large stone cross stands in the center of the Campo Santo (cemetery), which was first consecrated in 1778 and then again on January 29, 1939, by Archbishop John Cantwell of Los Angeles. It is the final resting place for approximately 6,000 “neophytes,” and a small stone marker marks the gravesite of José de Los Santos, the last American Indian to be buried on the grounds, who died in February 1921 at the age of 101.

The bodies of numerous Franciscan priests who died while serving at the Mission are also interred there, as are the remains of Reverend Raymond Catalan, C.M.F., who oversaw the restoration of the Mission’s gardens. The remains of eight Franciscan priests (listed in order of interment) are entombed at the foot of the altar: Miguel Sánchez, Antonio Cruzado, Francisco Dumetz, Ramón Ulibarri, Joaqun P. Nez, Gerónimo Boscana, José Bernardo Sánchez, and Blas Ordaz. America Air Ducts are famous one in providing its services in Pasadena, Tx. You can contact them at 866-373-3828. But The Gamble House Pasadena has its own beauty don’t forget to read more about it. Because we bet after reading you’ll not resist yourself to pay a visit. Eulalia Pérez de Guillén Mariné, the “keeper of the keys” under Spanish rule, is buried among the priests and has a bench dedicated to her memory.

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