There are numerous indicators that it’s time to clean your air ducts, such as a dusty air filter or a dirty vent cover. It’s simple to spot dirt and dust, but how can you know if your HVAC system is clean? If you’ve had your air ducts cleaned in the last six months and want to double-check that they’re still clean, American Air Ducts Houston Cleaning can help, we are your air duct cleaning company. In today’s blog, we answer these and other questions.


What Is Included in My HVAC System?

The ductwork in your home or company is a component of the HVAC system, which also includes:

  • Filter for the Air
  • Coils
  • Blower Assembly and Motor
  • Grills
  • Heat Exchanger (Heat Exchanger)


You’ll need a ladder and a flashlight, but you can inspect these components for dust, grime, and debris on your own. Before inspecting your HVAC system, ensure sure all breakers, switches, and thermostats are turned off.


What happens if you don’t clean your air ducts on a regular basis? Any property, business, or home’s air ducts and vents do a lot of work. As a result, dirt, dust, and mold can quickly accumulate. What might this possibly lead to? Houston’s American Air Ducts can clarify. In this blog, we’ll look at what might happen to your ducts, vents, and home if you don’t do your air ducts cleaning on a regular basis.


Mold has the potential to grow and spread.

Mold is one of the most serious consequences of failing to treat your vents and air ducts. This is especially common with insulated vents. If water seeps into your vents or condensation is allowed to build up, the moisture will remain. Without regular air duct cleaning and maintenance, moisture will produce mold and mildew over time.


The actual issue here is that your ducts are responsible for dispersing air throughout a structure. If your air ducts are moldy, the mold will be blasted throughout your home or office. This will not only produce a musty, disagreeable odor, but it will also cause others to become ill.


Ducts become clogged as a result of this.

Dust and debris buildup in air ducts will eventually clog them as well. Dust will clump together over time, accumulating in the duct, as well as around outlets, vents, and filters. This will reduce airflow, reducing the effectiveness of air conditioning and heating, and forcing the HVAC system to work more than it needs to. It has the potential to completely stop ducts from working if left unattended for a lengthy period of time.


It’s Possible You’ll Have Pests

All of the dust and dirt, as well as any moisture, provides an ideal breeding environment for bugs. A number of home pests, such as cockroaches, crickets, rats, and mice, thrive in untreated air ducts. The longer you leave your air ducts alone, the more probable it is that they will become home to some nasty crawlies.


You’ll have to pay for it.

In the end, ignoring your air ducts will cost you money. Heating and cooling will be more difficult to maintain, your electricity bills will rise, and you will have to pay more for more intense problem-solving services. All of these issues could be avoided with regular air duct cleaning.


What Are the Signs That My Air Ducts Are Dirty?

Make sure your air filter and vent covers are in good working order.

Examine your air filter and vent covers first. Your HVAC system is in good shape if the vents are clear and there is little to no dust buildup.


Examine Your Heating System

After that, have a check at your heater. The surface of the heat exchanger should be spotless. Check for dirt and oil on the blower blades, as well as dust and debris in the blower chamber.


Examine the Coil of the Air Conditioning System

Locate the evaporator coil for your air conditioner, which may be in your attic. A flashlight can be used to search for evidence of dust. Your air ducts are clean if the coil fins are straight and the coil drain pan drains adequately.


Your HVAC system’s health and performance are dependent on air filters. Despite the damage they can inflict to your system and property, they are frequently ignored and neglected. These filters not only help to eliminate pollen and dust that would otherwise be recirculated throughout your home, but they are also the most common cause of HVAC system failure. Today, American Air Ducts Houston will explain why it is critical that you maintain your home’s air filters.


Your Air Filter’s Function

Your air filter filters all of the air that travels through your HVAC system. The thin mesh that the air flows through becomes denser as the filter captures more and more particulates in the air – dust, mold, fungal spores, pet dander, and so on. When you don’t change your air filter on a regular basis, it gets increasingly difficult for air to travel through your HVAC system, which can lead to a variety of problems.


The Dangers of a Clogged Air Filter

If you let your air filter become clogged, it can cause a chain reaction in your home and HVAC system, resulting in significant issues.


When the air filter becomes clogged, the blower fan in your HVAC system has to work harder to push air through the ducts. This not only raises your energy expenses, but it also puts undue strain on your HVAC system, potentially shortening its lifespan.

Due to the difficulty in moving air, your home will not receive the cool or hot air required to maintain a comfortable internal temperature.

Your HVAC system is at risk of overheating or freezing since this air can’t easily escape the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner. Because your system will be unable to reach the target temperature, it will operate indefinitely to maintain the temperature of your home.

Air cannot move as fast through your vents due to the blockage caused by the air filter. These particles settle and build in your ducts as a result of this. If you don’t change your air filters on a regular basis, you’ll need to hire professional air duct cleaning services like American Air Ducts Houston more frequently.

To avoid these issues, the experts at American Air Ducts Houston recommends changing your air filters every month or two to prevent particle buildup. If you have pets or live in a polluted location, you should replace your filters even more frequently.


What Can I Do to Take Care of My Air Ducts?

Between cleanings, there are a few things you can do to keep your air ducts in good shape:

  • Replace air filters on a regular basis.
  • Vacuum and dust your home on a regular basis.
  • As needed, use a humidifier or dehumidifier.
  • When your air conditioner is running, keep an eye on the cooling coils and make sure the ducts are securely sealed.


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