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Depending on your family’s size and clothing consumption, you may need to frequently use your washer and dryer. Regular use can cause lint buildup in the dryer.
Some dryers vent through an exterior wall, while others vent through the roof. How to clean a dryer vent that extends to the roof?
Washing machine vent cleaning is a multi-step process. It may be challenging to do alone, so you need to hire an expert. However, you can follow the instructions below to see if you can do it yourself.
Many people believe that cleaning the lint from the filter screen after each use is sufficient maintenance. Sadly, they don’t grasp there’s more to it.
Lint can collect in ducts or hoses and restrict airflow. It forces the dryer to operate longer, increasing your utility bills. It will also cause the dryer to wear down faster, requiring additional maintenance or replacement.

Roof Dryer Vent Maintenance Signs

  • Cleaning the dryer vent should be on your annual to-do list. Many animal hairs or other particles in the dryer may necessitate frequent cleaning.
  • When the cycle begins to dry slowly.
  • The dryer starts to get hotter than typical.

How to Clean a Dryer Vent to the Roof

On the dryer. It will help the air flow through the vent. Bring a plastic garbage bag to the roof to collect the lint. So you don’t have to clear out the gutters. Climb up the roof to the vent using a ladder. The vent has a screen and a trap door. This is to keep birds and other animals out. Dryer Vent Cover Remove the screen and leave a flap for the gooseneck if you have one. A screen prevents lint from leaving causing clogs. Air blowing out opens a flap.
Unroll a coat hanger and place it in the vent. This will help loosen the lint plug. You must look for a dryer vent in Houston.

Pro: sIt is simple and free.
Con: You’re loosening the lint blockage but not getting it all out.

How to Remove Dryer Vent Cover On Roof

Here’s another way to clean the roof vent.

  • Remove the dryer from the wall.
  • Then turn off the power in that room.
  • Remove the dryer and wall vent tubes.
  • Vacuum the dryer and the tube
  • Put a leaf blower in the wall hole.
  • Wrap a cloth around the hole and the leaf blower to keep lint out.
  • On the leaf blower for 40 seconds.
  • Have someone go outside and check the vent for lint. Otherwise, turn off the leaf blower and go outside. Lint should be visible on the roof and ground.
  • Reconnect the dryer vent pipe and re-turn on the electricity.
  • Plugin the dryer and return it to the wall.

Pros: You’re not on a roof.
You are safe in your own house and may be able to tackle this alone or with help.
Cons: the lint is all over the roof and property from the vent. You may not be able to get all the lint out.

Cleaning the Dryer Vent to the Roof

To clean the dryer vent on the roof, you can use a brush in addition to the aforementioned methods. Predict the length of the brush and the distance to your roof. Be careful not to force the brush out as this may cause it to get stuck in the dryer vent gooseneck. Some of these brushes can be used with or without a drill. The brush can also be used to clean exterior wall vents.
Pros: you get the lint out quickly and easily.
Easy to use
the brush can get tangled
If you don’t want to do it yourself, hire a professional to do it for you.

Why Doesn’t This Vent Work?

First, the dryer’s exhaust vent is trying to force lint up and out the roof. A long-distance out of the walls, and it leaves a mess on the roof as shown in the video above. The vent is for letting air out, not lint. So lint accumulates in the vent. People ask how to do dryer vent cleaning through the roof.

When to Call a Pro

You’re not confident cleaning the roof vent. Prioritize safety.
Second, if your roof is slate or tile, call a pro. This is too hazardous for the average person.
Checking the roof and ducting every 2-3 years is a good idea.
If you have a furnace, ask the company to examine the roof vent as well. Clean the filter between each drying cycle.

Homeowner Roof Dryer Vent Cleaning

Before using the dryer, clean the lint filter. Next, dump the lint to avoid a dryer fire. Vacuum around the dryer to keep lint out of the vents and prevent fires. Use only one dryer sheet at a time to avoid chemical leakage. Finally, dry bed sheets and pillows to avoid lint buildup in the ducting.


This household upkeep is often overlooked but required. Not sure about doing it yourself? Call in a pro. Please send us a message using the form below if you have any questions.

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