There are many of items on the market today that claim to make maintaining fireplace systems easier for homeowners. While the convenience of use – and low cost – of these devices may be appealing, they are no substitute for the services of a certified chimney sweep. Chimney sweeping logs are one such device that claims to be able to replace your chimney sweep.


How do chimney sweeping logs supposedly work?

Chimney sweeping logs appear to be a quick, inexpensive, and simple solution to clean your chimney without having it professionally swept, as marketed. Chimney cleaning logs promise to lower the amount of creosote in the chimney system by loosening the creosote and allowing it to drip down into the firebox when the log is burned. The creosote can be safely swept up with the leftover soot and ash after the log has been burned.

If these statements appear to be too good to be true, they are. Chimney sweeping logs do not clean as well as they claim, and they may cause more harm than good to your chimney.

Most flues are not designed in straight vertical lines; some flues include extra bends and curves as they vent to the outside, in addition to a bend at the smoke shelf. Unfortunately, this implies that creosote loosening by the chimney sweeping log may not make it to the firebox, instead accumulating on the smoke shelf or in the flue bends.

Because creosote is extremely combustible, it can create a chimney fire if it accumulates anyplace in the flue. Similarly, creosote lodged in the flue bends or on the smoke shelf might be difficult to clean and remove without the help of a professional.


Professional chimney sweeps cannot be replaced with chimney sweeping logs.

While chimney sweeping logs claim to clear your chimney, they are not a substitute for professional chimney sweeping services.

“Using one of those logs instead of getting your chimney cleaned manually is like chewing Dentine instead of brushing your teeth,” a reputable institution’s expert cleaner explained. “It might help a little, but it’s no match for the genuine thing.”

Professional chimney sweeps can inspect and evaluate your chimney system in addition to removing soot, ash, and creosote from the flue accurately and thoroughly. Because so much of the chimney is difficult to view or unreachable from the ground, it’s crucial to work with a professional who can evaluate these difficult-to-reach locations while also understanding what they’re looking at. Certified chimney sweeps can inspect your complete chimney system and, in many situations, may detect little areas of deterioration before they become big problems.

Nothing beats the knowledge of a trained chimney sweep when it comes to chimney maintenance. Rather than putting your family’s health and safety in the hands of a $20 log from a big box shop, entrust your fireplace and chimney system to the professionals at Pristine Sweeps. Make an appointment with us immediately to get your chimney swept.

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