When the situation calls for it, American Air Duct Service performs air duct cleaning for our customers with high-class equipment. However, there are a few popular duct cleaning myths that need to be dispelled before deciding if duct cleaning is the best choice for keeping your HVAC in good working order.


#1 – Duct cleaning improves air flow.

False: Duct cleaning is not a long-term energy remedy if you have problems with air flow, hot or cold spots, or a lack of heating or cooling in your home. Duct cleaning eliminates only tiny particles that have accumulated over time in your duct system. It will not alter the layout of your duct design, increase airflow, or rebalance your duct system. Cleaning would not be able to close any holes in your duct system.


A professional-conducted Flow Hood test to measure the amount of air forced through your HVAC system, as well as a thorough duct inspection, are needed to adequately fix air flow issues. The following are some examples of possible solutions:


  • Adding a balancing damper to the air flow
  • Increasing the size of any or all of the duct system’s runs
  • Redesigning the whole duct system


#2 – Every 3 to 5 years, ducts should be cleaned for service

Not in the least. Although air duct cleaning may be necessary to eliminate accumulated particulates that are interfering with cost-effective HVAC activity, this should not be a problem that occurs every few years. Standard HVAC repair does not include duct cleaning. You should not need to do duct cleaning if your ductwork is well sealed, you change filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and you vacuum floor registers every six months to prevent dust buildup.


If you recently completed a big remodeling project or other new construction in your home that resulted in a lot of dust, you might be exempt. Then you should think about having your ducts cleaned and finding a replacement. However, once you’ve cleaned the ducts and are back on track, you shouldn’t have to do it again.


Doing basic maintenance tasks on your own not only saves you money in terms of HVAC operational performance, but it also prevents potential expensive repair and the need to clean ducts on a regular basis.


#3 – Cleaning the ducts removes odors and mold. HVAC System & Ductwork Check

Certainly not. Duct cleaning alone would not be enough to remove odors from your HVAC system. Although some businesses offer a microbial spray as part of their duct cleaning service, this is just a temporary fix. The odors will return!


Spraying odors doesn’t get rid of the source of the odors in the first place. Delete the source of the odors to fully kill them. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  • Rodents are a type of rodent.
  • Debris from pets, such as feces or fur
  • Bringing in outside air from your crawl space or attic by ductwork that isn’t properly sealed
  • Moisture build-up or mold growth


Particulate deposits are removed by air duct cleaning. It doesn’t get rid of the things that trigger them. After the odors have been removed, consider installing or updating your air purification system to help keep the air in your home safe and clean.


#4 – Cleaning your air ducts will not damage them.

It undoubtedly may! Certain types of ductwork are more vulnerable to harm than others. Before you start cleaning your ducts, make sure you have the following:


  • Flexible ductwork is made up of a spring that is covered in a thin layer of plastic. This thin plastic is covered in insulation, which prevents heat from entering or exiting the duct. The duct’s outer cover is wrapped around it. Due to the heat inside your attic or the walls of your house, the delicate layer of plastic covering the spring will become much more fragile over time. During a cleaning, this form of ductwork is the most vulnerable to injury. The older the ductwork is, the more likely it is to be damaged.
  • Aluma Flex Ductwork: This is a solid corrugated interior design with insulation under the duct’s exterior cover. As a result, since the ductwork is less fragile and more durable, it causes less harm during cleaning and is actually easier to clean.
  • Rigid (also known as Solid Sheet Metal or KD) Ducting: Rigid ducting is usually made of 28-24 gauge solid sheet metal. If properly built with the proper sealant and insulation, this ducting has the highest integrity of any ductwork. As a consequence, there is the least chance of additional damage and the best duct cleaning results.


Sheet metal distribution wires to help efficiently guide airflow to various parts of the house, balancing dampers to properly distribute air flow, sealant, belts, and duct tape to properly protect the ducts are all used with these forms of ductwork.


An HVAC professional should examine the ductwork thoroughly to assess the type of ducts as well as the condition of the different hangers and sealing points. Failure to do so could cause damage to the ductwork, resulting in reduced performance and the possibility of future repair costs. The roto brush, for example, can quickly get entangled in your balancing dampers, ripping or disconnecting poorly sealed or secured ductwork.


Consult an HVAC Professional

Duct cleaning is an excellent cure for a variety of issues in your house. However, performing routine repairs, installing the correct filtration and purification system, and ensuring the ductwork is properly sealed is the best option. What’s the safest way to keep your house clean while still making sure your HVAC system is working properly? Consult an HVAC expert who has a track record of providing quality service and honesty. Ongaro and Sons takes care of everything to ensure that all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ducts are in order, benefiting both your wellbeing and your wallet.

Prior to duct cleaning, it’s also crucial to check for asbestos, which can be an issue in older installations. Before duct cleaning, any asbestos must be removed. Otherwise, you’ll be inhaling a cancer-causing substance that becomes airborne during the duct cleaning process.

Find out if you’re home can use a good Air Duct Cleaning by consulting the professionals at American Air Duct Cleaning Services today. The consultations are free and the work is honest. 

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