Air Duct Cleaning After Renovation

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Due to the large amount of dust generated during renovations, you must clean your ducts. These particles have a greater probability of becoming caught in your chimney. As a result, duct cleaning is necessary.

So now that you’re aware that you’ll need to clean your ducts following restoration, what’s next? Here, we’ll walk you through the process of cleaning your ducts and answer any concerns you may have regarding duct cleaning and other cleaning services.


Is Cleaning Your Ducts A Waste Of Money?

No, duct cleaning is not a waste of money and is well worth the investment when appropriately performed. Cleaning your ducts has several advantages, particularly following restoration, as you will see below.

Duct Cleaning Removes Dust From Your Home

Duct cleaning is an effective method of completely removing renovation waste from your home. These compounds released into the air during renovations may be hazardous and will almost certainly adhere to the duct surface. As a result, to eliminate them from your property, you should thoroughly clean your ducts following reconstruction.

Cleaning Your Ducts Prevents Allergic Reactions

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), there is a possibility of allergies developing due to clogged ducts.

  • Cleaning them removes allergies and irritants, creating a better lifestyle.
  • Duct Cleaning Increases the Efficiency of Your HVAC System.
  • Massive amounts of dirt thrown up during home renovations can adhere to the duct surface, clogging the air filter.
  • This may affect the duct’s performance by limiting airflow into your home. As a result, cleaning your ducts and air filters will increase your HVAC’s efficiency.

Duct Cleaning Removes Odors From Your Home

Numerous faults with your ductwork might affect the air quality in your home. These include the following:

  • Animal and insect excrement,
  • Cigarette smoke, dust accumulation,
  • Mold
  • Cleaning your ducts will go a long way toward preventing or eliminating odors in your home.
  • Cleaning Your Ducts Improves Your Home’s Air Quality
  • Renovations generate a significant quantity of pollution, mainly by demolishing a wall.
  • These particles are recirculated via your HVAC system on average five to seven times per day.
  • As a result, they accumulate in your ductwork and affect the air quality in your home. Cleaning your ducts will assist in reducing the presence of harmful toxins in your living environment.

How Duct Cleaning Is Performed

  • Negative pressure technology is used in an effective duct cleaning operation.
  • It consists of four phases that outline how expert duct cleaners will clean your duct.

The steps are as follows:

  • A visual inspection of your chimney will reveal the extent of dust buildup.
  • Using a portable or truck-mounted vacuum collecting device to generate negative pressure.
  • Dust particles are removed utilizing a variety of revolving brushes, compressed air instruments, and portable vacuum cleaners.

Cleaning of The Remainder of The HVAC System.

However, you can clean your ducts yourself. It’s a relatively simple procedure that can help you save money. This is a how-to instruction for cleaning your air ducts on your own. It encompasses the four previously described steps:

  • Switch your thermostat’s heat and cool modes off and set it to “fan on.” While cleaning, the fan will assist in moving loose dust particles. Turn on the heat if you have an older thermostat that does not allow the “fan-only” setting.
  • Remove screws from air duct covers and return-air grill plates using power drills.
  • Paper towels or cloths can be used to cover the supply air vents. Supply vents are those that allow air or heat to enter a room. It would help if you closed the vents to keep dust and debris out of your chamber.
  • Wipe and clean the vent’s mouth as thoroughly as possible. To remove any remaining debris from the vent’s mouth, use a hand-held leaf blower to clean it.
  • Dust and clean the return air and supply vents with a brush and water.
  • To clean the blower and return the air boot, remove the panels covering the furnace. Additionally, clean the furnace fan and discard the old filter.
  • Utilize the bristle brush to remove dust from the ducts. Tap the accessible sections of the ducts with the brush to help break up dust clumps. This will assist in dispersing such clots.
  • Gently lift the supply register and use a drill and a flexible brush to dislodge the debris to clean the ductwork. Utilize the vacuum to remove the dirt thrown out by the fan. Insert the vacuum hose deeply into the duct to remove any dust that was not blown out by the fan.
  • Reach inside the duct as far as possible with a clean cloth (a damp microfiber cloth works best) and wipe the interior clean.
  • Turn off the fan, replace the old filter, and cover the furnace cavity.

What Is Duct Cleaning Equipment Required?

There is a plethora of duct cleaning equipment available, ranging from truck-mounted equipment to essential pocket vacuums. Below is a list of duct cleaning materials.

  • Gloves, masks, and goggles are made of heavy-duty material.
  • A new air filter was installed.
  • Brush with stiff bristles or vent brush A toilet brush is another option.
  • A drill operates a duct brush.
  • A vacuum cleaner with strong suction and a long hose.
  • Drill press or screwdriver
  • Cloth for cleaning.
  • Blower for leaves (optional).
  • Towels or rags made of paper.

Services for Air Duct Cleaning

You must use care when hiring a professional duct cleaning service. This is because there are numerous options to consider while making a selection. If the service provider performs substandard work, you risk introducing additional dust into your house. Get cheap duct cleaning near me.

Ensure that you are aware of the service provider’s fees. Before the service provider begins work, agree on the total cost. If your remodeling contractor is reputable, they may be able to refer you to a reputable air duct cleaning firm. The majority of contractors and air duct cleaning firms have a close relationship. Why it’s essential to have air duct cleaning after renovation

What Is the Cost of Duct Cleaning?

If you hire a professional duct cleaning service, the cost will often vary between $300 and $500. Several factors, including the following, usually determine the price:

  • The duct’s accessibility
  • The extent to which the duct is contaminated
  • The diameter of the chimney that needs to be cleaned
  • The region’s climate conditions
  • Clean Your Ducts Today!
  • Following remodeling, cleaning your ducts is an excellent idea because it protects your and your family’s health.
  • Duct cleaning guarantees that any lingering debris or dust particles in the duct are removed from your property.

Do not wait until your duct becomes clogged with dust. After renovation, have it cleaned. You’re going to be pleased you did.

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