Summer is in full swing, and the Houston area is bracing for its first heat wave. Unfortunately, this will neither be our last nor our hottest heatwave. In Texas, having a well-functioning and “tuned” air conditioner is critical.

So, how did your central air conditioning perform?

High humidity and temperatures put your central air system to the test. All it takes is an air conditioner that is low on Freon, unclean, frozen up, or otherwise malfunctioning to make you feel uncomfortable in your home.

A Clean Air Conditioner Cools Better and Saves Energy

We are frequently the first call homeowners make as a professional heating and conditioning contractor as well as an air duct cleaning Houston company serving the entire Houston area. Then, when the temperatures rise and their air conditioners fail, our phones ring incessantly. Fortunately, we are prepared to respond quickly.

Are you certain the air conditioner requires service?

Perhaps the air conditioner does not require repair at all. The external condenser or internal evaporator (also known as an a-coil) may be dirty, and no repairs are required. If that’s the case, we’ll clean up and be out the door in an hour or less. Unless your system is really dirty, cleaning the central air conditioning system and a good old-fashioned duct cleaning should cost less than $100. If that’s the case, we’ll use our rotary brush cleaning approach, which takes a bit longer.

Cleaning your air conditioner and ductwork will cost you significantly less money than simply ignoring it and suffering through it. A dirty air conditioner has to work much harder than one that is clean. You are squandering a lot of energy when the central air conditioner is working overtime to meet the demand you have set on the thermostat.

Clean your air conditioner as soon as possible.

Prevent higher energy bills by having an air duct cleaning company like American Air Ducts come out and clean your ducts entirely. We’ll also clean your a-coil and condenser if necessary. Why put off air conditioner cleaning when A Clean Air Conditioner Cools Better and Saves Energy!

Call a company that does ac cleaning near Houston, Texas that is open and is reliable such as us at (866)373-3828. If interested visit our site to learn about The Importance of Duct Cleaning and Allergies.

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